Indiana’s First ISO 9001:2008/SN 9001:2012 Snow Management Company

B&B Group is the first and only ISO 9001:2008/SN 9001:2012 certified snow management company in Indiana (as of Oct 2016). We’re raising the bar on all of the key aspects of any snow management business including: risk management, documentation, equipment and chemicals, safety as well as performance measurement/analysis.

Our goal has always been to combine the best people, processes and technology to deliver the highest customer experience. As it turns out, our approach to business fit very nicely into what the certifying body required for ISO certification. We’re excited to have leveraged our existing best practices to receive this certification.

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ISO 9000 SN9001 Certificate - B&B Group, Indianapolis, IN
ISO 9001:2008 with Design
ISO 9000 SN9001 Certificate - B&B Group, Indianapolis, IN
SN9001:2012 with Design

How Do Certified Snow Services Help You?

Each year, there are over 30,000 slip and fall lawsuits related to snow and ice. On average, about 35% of those lawsuits are dismissed because the property owner had a solid defense. That means 65% of lawsuits are settled or lost – usually due to a lack of proper documentation. A big part of ISO 9001:2008/SN 9001:2012 certification includes proving that a company has the proper documentation to build a solid defense from potential slip and fall lawsuits.

This means a certified snow management company like B&B Group is organized to a level that not only creates an excellent experience for our customers, but we are held accountable to abide by strict requirements from 3rd party audits. This protects our customers from lawsuits and also helps make sure we are delivering the very highest standards of snow and ice management services.

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