The Central Indiana B&B Group Team

Our Central Indiana team is unmatched in their passion, dedication and personality. When you contract with B&B Group, you get the Premier Snow & Ice Management, Irrigation and Lighting Team in Indiana. Our experience and focus is to serve you – our valued client! 

Please Meet Our Client Service Team!

Administrative Team

Andy Barker

President & CEO

Favorite Sport:Contracting

Favorite Sports Team:B&B Group

Favorite Vacation Spot:Michigan

Favorite Hobbies:Family, Scuba Diving

Favorite Food:Mexican

Community Activities:Church, Local & International Missions, Local Charities

Don Perkins

Chief Operating Officer

Favorite Sport:Auto Racing

Favorite Sports Team:Notre Dame

Favorite Vacation Spot:Florida or Arizona

Favorite Hobbies:Shooting Sports, Auto Racing

Favorite Food:Too Many to Mention

Community Activities:Mission Trips, Church Volunteering

Paul Gidman

Vice President Field Operations

Favorite Sport:Racing / Nascar / Baseball

Favorite Sports Team:Colts

Favorite Vacation Spot:Naples, FL

Favorite Hobbies:Hanging with my Kids & Wife / Detailing Cars

Community Activities:Serve Noblesville / Back 2 Back Ministries

Sandy Gundlach

Executive Office Manager

Favorite Sport:Golf

Favorite Sports Team:Blackhawks

Favorite Vacation Spot:Florida

Favorite Hobbies:Water Skiing, Exercising

Favorite Food:Anything Mexican

Misha Spencer

Irrigation & Lighting Office Manager

Favorite Sport:Basketball

Favorite Sports Team:Pacers

Favorite Vacation Spot:Any Beach

Favorite Hobbies:Water Sports

Favorite Food:Mexican

Barbara Neumann

Office Assistant

Favorite Sport:Hockey & Football

Favorite Sports Team:Pittsburgh Penguins, Steelers, Colts

Favorite Vacation Spot:Anywhere that is with Good Friends & Beautiful Sunsets

Favorite Hobbies:Riding Bikes, Reading

Favorite Food:Pizza

Richard M. Barker

Building & Grounds

Favorite Sport:Sports my Children & Grandchildren Play

Favorite Sports Team:Any Team my Children/ Grandchildren Are On

Favorite Vacation Spot:Michigan, Taino, Sequoia

Favorite Hobbies:Fishing, Hunting, Grandkids, Bible, B&B Group

Favorite Food:Hamburger, Shepards Pie, Jelly Donuts

Community Activities:Funeral Meals WRCC, AFA Candidate Evaluation, Lions Club, Family, Election Poll Work

Blake Barker

Building & Grounds

Favorite Sport:Basketball

Favorite Sports Team:Pacers & Colts

Favorite Vacation Spot:Michigan

Favorite Hobbies:Music & Photography

Favorite Food:Chick Fil-A

Community Activities:Worship Volunteering at Church


Field Team

Preston Beeler

Senior Field Operations Manager

Favorite Sport:Football

Favorite Sports Team:Colts

Favorite Vacation Spot:Culebra Island

Favorite Hobbies:Hunting, Fishing, Free Diving, Scuba Diving, Spear Fishing, Antiques

Favorite Food:Grouper & Hogfish

Craig W. Monson

Senior Field Operations Manager

Favorite Sport:Pole Vault

Favorite Sports Team:Chicago Blackhawks

Favorite Vacation Spot:Out West

Favorite Hobbies:Hunting, Trapping, Hiking

Favorite Food:Wife's Chicken Pot Pie

Community Activities:I Have Been Blessed to Serve with my Brothers in Haiti, Serve with my Wife in Africa, and Serving with my Daughter in Mexico

Greg Baugh

Irrigation / Lighting , Business Development

Favorite Sport:Drag Racing

Favorite Sports Team:John Force Racing

Favorite Vacation Spot:Colorado / Texas

Favorite Hobbies:1960's era Muscle Cars, RV Camping

Favorite Food:Cheeseburgers

Community Activities:Castleton Christian Church, TCM Sharing Place

Zach Welch

Field Operations Manager / Business Development

Favorite Sport:Football

Favorite Sports Team:Indianapolis Colts

Favorite Vacation Spot:Florida

Favorite Hobbies:Hanging with Friends and Family

Favorite Food:Steak

Community Activities:High School Small Group Leader @ WRCC / Mission Trips to Haiti & New Orleans

Cody Gregory

Field Operations Manager

Favorite Sport:Olympic Wrestling

Favorite Sports Team:Greenbay Packers

Favorite Vacation Spot:Colorado Springs

Favorite Hobbies:Snow Boarding, Olympic Weight Lifting, Competitive Trivia

Favorite Food:Baked Ravioli, Lasagna, Grilled Cheese

Community Activities:Boys & Girls Club, Missionary Work, Outreach with Church

Jordan Hawley

Field Operations Manager

Favorite Sport:Football

Favorite Sports Team:Colts

Favorite Vacation Spot:Anywhere in the Caribbean

Favorite Hobbies:Recording Music, Hanging with my Rescued Pitbull- Vito

Favorite Food:Sushi

Community Activities:Humane Society, Planning to be a Big Brother

Jeff Schofield

Field Operations Manager

Favorite Sport:Football

Favorite Sports Team:Colts, Cornhuskers

Favorite Vacation Spot:Maimi

Favorite Hobbies:Weightlifting, Fishing, Technology, Movies

Favorite Food:Pizza

Kyle Brock

Field Operations Manager

Favorite Sport:NFL, Premier League Soccer

Favorite Sports Team:Dallas Cowboys, Manchester City

Favorite Vacation Spot:Bahamas, Cruises

Favorite Hobbies:Live Music, Shooting Ranges, Sporting Events

Favorite Food:Ribeye

Community Activities:Back 2 Back Ministries

Mark Pickett

Field Operations Manager

Favorite Sport:Football

Favorite Sports Team:Colts

Favorite Vacation Spot:Florida - Disney World

Favorite Hobbies:Hunting

Favorite Food:Steak

Community Activities:White River Christian Church Youth Worship Team Sponsor, Hamilton County 4H

Scott Nieten

Field Operations Manager

Favorite Sport:Basketball

Favorite Sports Team:Colts / Red Sox / Pacers

Favorite Vacation Spot:Disney World

Favorite Hobbies:Puzzles / Camping / Movies

Favorite Food:Reuben Sandwich

Community Activities:SAWs (Servants at Work) , Build Wheelchair Ramps for Disabled & Aging People

Todd Snyder

Field Operations Manager

Favorite Sport:Football

Favorite Sports Team:Chicago Bears

Favorite Vacation Spot:Cozumel, MX

Favorite Hobbies:My Dogs

Favorite Food:Steak

Community Activities:Center for Hospice Care,Mishawauaka

Eliezer Diaz

Irrigation / Lighting

Favorite Sport:Soccer

Favorite Sports Team:Indy 11

Favorite Vacation Spot:Paris, France - The City of Love

Favorite Hobbies:Playing with my Daughter

Favorite Food:Meat, Beans and Rice

Antonio Diaz

Irrigation / Lighting

Favorite Sport:Soccer

Favorite Sports Team:Indy 11

Favorite Hobbies:Playing Soccer

favorite Food:Corne casa

Bret Davidson

Fleet Manager

Favorite Sport:Soccer, Racing

Favorite Sports Team:IU

Favorite Vacation Spot:Dale Hollow Lake

Favorite Hobbies:Camping, Boating

Favorite Food:Meat & Cheese

Community Activities:Back 2 Back Ministries

Tim Barker

Fleet Manager

Favorite Sport:Truck & Tractor Pulling

Favorite Sports Team:John Force

Favorite Vacation Spot:Bahamas

Favorite Hobbies:Build and Machine Racing Engines

Favorite Food:Meat

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