Learn About B&B Group in Indianapolis & Central Indiana

B&B Group Employees 2022

B&B Group, Inc. provides

  • Premier Commercial Snow & Ice Management
  • Premier Residential / Commercial Irrigation Services
  • Premier Outdoor Landscape Lighting Solutions

to the Central Indiana region. We combine the best people, processes, and technology to provide the highest level of service while managing to our clients’ budgets.

With 25+ years experience in the industry, we have learned that our success is defined by our clients’ success.

Working in Our Community

As an Indianapolis and Central Indiana-based business, we take an active role in communities around Central Indiana. And because our team members are so passionate about giving back, we’ve found people to work with internationally as well. Here are a few of our relationships:

Our Philosophy

Use the best people, processes & technology to deliver first class service.


We’ve built our reputation through long standing relationships with clients, and a consistent commitment to service.

Goals & Values
  1. Be a trusted service provider.

  2. Establish long term relationships with our clients and end-users.

  3. Bring value to every task we do.

  4. Operate with integrity at all times.

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