Providing Expert Snow & Ice Management Services to the Indianapolis Area

Snow and Ice Management: B&B Group snowplowNo two snow events are the same, but your result should be. With decades of commercial snow & ice management experience, we understand what it takes to handle the most challenging winter weather events. We specialize in complex commercial properties including medical campuses, office parks, industrial parks and shopping centers.

Effective management of a diversified portfolio means extreme pre-planning processes.

We start our preparations well before the winter season by inspecting each site, photographing key areas and developing a detailed response plan. This plan is visualized in our web-based technology system and reviewed with each client to ensure the scope of work is consistent with their requirements. Each property is unique, so each property requires a unique strategy.

Snow Plow Service

Snow Plow Service

Our reliable team provides comprehensive snow plow service for every size storm and snow emergency.


Snow Hauling

Snow Hauling

Gain valuable space in your parking lot by utilizing our snow hauling services for off-site snow relocation.




We use custom de-icing formulas and solutions depending on conditions – No two storms are alike!




Our careful and timely sidewalk snow removal will keep your property accessible and safe all winter.


Snow Plowing Services:

It takes a combination of equipment to provide premier snow plowing services in Indianapolis and Central Indiana. Our experienced operators are careful to place snow according to the agreed upon plow map, not on islands, fire hydrants, or landscaping when possible.

We provide a variety of High scSnow Plow Service Map from B&B Group Inc., Indianapolis INope, systems, including digital maps that outline all areas requiring service. This map aids in ensuring all areas are covered at the time of an event. As a result of this process, our clients benefit from a higher level of risk management consultation, documentation, and ongoing safety and performance analysis.

Snow Hauling Services:

snow hauling services, snow relocation from B&B Group Inc. In some cases, properties may require the snow piles to be moved to a different location. This is especially true for clients of ours who own and operate twenty-four hour shipping/distribution centers where snow piles would inhibit work function. As such, we can haul snow away to its pre-approved destination as soon as it has been plowed.

This allows our clients to have peace of mind during even the largest snow events that their working parking lots will remain clear and allow continuation of daily processes. This is critical to supporting our clients and restates our belief that our success is reflected in that of our clients.

Deicing Services:

B&B Group Inc. Deicing Snow RemovalA proactive deicing program is a critical component to an overall snow management plan. Our strategically located salt storage facilities and variety of truck sizes allows us the most efficient ice management possible.

Deicing is just one important service available from our full list of snow and ice management services provided to the central Indiana region. With high scope, high means snow plowing and ice management systems in place, our clients benefit from the highest level of risk management consultation, detailed plans and documentation as well as ongoing safety and performance analysis.

Sidewalk Snow & Ice Services To Promote Safety:

sidewalk snow removal snow shovelingAs part of our comprehensive maintenance program, we offer clients dedicated personnel with specialized equipment to address the unique needs of sidewalk snow and ice management. We have been privileged to service central Indiana and Indianapolis business owners for over 25 years.

At B&B Group, we believe in all-inclusive snow and ice management services to be sure every detail is handled correctly and communicated to clients in a timely manner. This reduces your risk of law suits and negative word of mouth. Our clients receive a higher level of snow management services that include risk management, comprehensive documentation, quality equipment and chemicals, and safety and performance measurements and analysis.

Why Choose B&B Group, Inc for Snow & Ice Management?

Proactive Perspective

  • We invest in meteorological resources that keep our team and customers as current as possible on weather related events.
  • We equip our personnel and trucks with technology to streamline work, provide a 360 degree view on work progress, and create efficient communication channels.

Enterprise Expertise

  • With hundreds of pieces of equipment and backup resources available, our fleet is one of the largest in the Midwest.
  • Our team is trained to expertly handle a wide range of properties. Including large, complex sites that require significant pre-season planning, properties as small as ¼ acre, multi-building office parks, large retail shopping centers, and a 40 acre, full service medical campus. Our diverse portfolio allows our team to learn and thrive on the unique challenges that each property represents.

Professional People

  • Our teams think about snow year-round, always improving on systems and processes that deliver more value to our clients.
  • We are constantly reviewing products and attending training events that make our snow & ice management team more efficient and effective.
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