Protecting your investment with proper irrigation winterization

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Winterizing your sprinkler system, removing water from the pipes, valves and sprinkler heads, is essential before freezing occurs. With our premier irrigation winterization services, you’ll protect your irrigation investment from potentially serious damage in the winter.

We winterize sprinkler systems using a blow-out method. This method forces compressed air through the irrigation system to discharge excess water through the sprinkler heads. It is potentially hazardous to anyone who attempts it without taking the proper safety precautions. If you’ve never worked with compressed air or blown out an irrigation system before, save yourself from potential frustrations and repair costs by contracting with us first.

B&B Group is a Rain Bird® Select Contractor®. This means we are in the small group of irrigation professionals who meets Rain Bird’s requirements on quality, certifications, training and professional ethics. In other words, you can trust your sprinkler system to B&B Group!

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